Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Birthday Day Trip to London

Big Ben
It was my Birthday on the Tuesday of last week (the 19th June) and we decided to go up to London for the day ..... although, in truth, it's not 'up' but 'down' to London, given that we live in Hertfordshire!

Still ...... although we live so close to London, we really don't visit places in London anywhere near as often as we should.
The London Eye
So ..... determined to do the whole 'tourist' thing, we went to Trafalgar Square and took a trip on an open top bus. These first few photos are from the top of this bus and taking photos whilst on a moving bus isn't all that easy!

Strange Sculpture at the back of South Bank
This strange sculpture could be seen just before we went across Waterloo bridge! I have no idea what it was in aid of!!

St Paul's
First Glimpse of the Shard
One of the Dragons 'protecting' the City of London

A Closer View of the Shard
Memorial to the Women of WWII on Whitehall
Another View of Big Ben
We then went on the London Eye. Thankfully the weather was very good on my Birthday, so the views were incredible.
Engineering Close-up of the London Eye
Westminster from the London Eye
Waterloo Bridge from the London Eye
Looking down on Westminster
Another Engineering Shot of the London Eye

After going on the London Eye, we then went on a boat trip from Westminster Pier to Tower Pier.

Tower Bridge from the River
All in all, a fantastic day :)


joy said...

You were very brave going on the London Eye, I'm not sure I could do it! And weren't you lucky with the weather, an open-topped bus would have been no fun in the rain. So pleased you enjoyed your day as tourists. Joy xx

Elaine said...

I'm not bothered about heights! Mind you, I think you're so busy looking at everything that you 'forget' where you are!

We were indeed VERY lucky with the weather :)

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